Dark and Darker devs extend alpha demo through this week

The fantasy-fiction competitive dungeon escape game drew the love of many during Steam Next Fest and developer Ironmace is extending the current demo's duration.


Over Steam Next Fest, there was a pretty clear favorite among players checking out the multitude of demos available. Dark and Darker was a surprising blast that put multiple player parties of three in a fantasy-fiction dungeon crawler setting full of enemies and loot, and now players can play it for a few more days. Developer Ironmace has extended the current alpha build demo session to Thusday this week.

Ironmace shared the details of the extension on Dark and Darker’s demo time via a Steam Developer’s Blog post. In said post, Ironmace states that the reason for the extension is to make up for frustrations during the main alpha, such as bug fixes, players accidentally getting banned, downtime in the trading post, matchmaking issues, and other matters that they felt made the demo session run less smooth than it should have. The bottom line is that everyone gets to enjoy more Dark and Darker for a limited time until Thursday, February 16, 2023, when the servers shut down.

Dark and Darker screenshot of a dungeon with an adventurer holding a sword.
Dark and Darker's interesting loot-and-escape fantasy-fiction PvPvE was an interesting part of Steam Next Fest last week and we can play until Thursday this week.
Source: Ironmace

Dark and Darker was truly a gem among the Steam Next Fest lineup. We were pleasantly surprised by the game when we gave it a try during the Big Team Building livestream last week. We weren’t alone either. Plenty of players have checked out the game even in its alpha demo setting. According to SteamDB, the game had an all-time peak last week of 108,520 players playing on February 11, 2023, as of the writing of this article. According to Twitch stats, it also drew in over 270,000 viewers on February 6.

Clearly Dark and Darker is something the people want and it seems Ironmace is happy to oblige for a bit longer. The game goes offline for maintenance and further development on Thursday, so get your time in, loot the depths, and escape with the treasures while you can!... or die trying, of course.

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