Where to find the Phalar Aluve sword - Baldur's Gate 3

Phalar Aluve is a literal Sword in the Stone in Baldur's Gate 3 and one of the more powerful Longswords players can find.


Phalar Aluve is a magical Longsword in Baldur’s Gate 3 that fits perfectly into any melee-centric builds. In fact, it also fits perfectly into the stone in which it’s stuck, requiring you to pass a one or two skill checks before you can pull it out. While you won’t be crowned a king, Phalar Aluve comes with its own benefits, like buffs to allies or debuffs for your foes.

Where to find Phalar Aluve

Phalar Aluve is found in the Underdark to the northwest of the Underdark – Selunite Outpost waypoint. The sword is along the northwest edge of the path, among some iridescent blue mushrooms and vases. It’s quite eye-catching in that it’s glowing gold in an otherwise dark environment.

A map of the Underdark showing where Phalar Aluve is found
From the Selunite Outpost, go out the window and follow the path as it winds down and toward the northeast.
Source: Shacknews

Interacting with the sword will offer you a few different options. Depending on your class, you may encounter some slight variances. Some characters need to pass a Strength test, others a Religion check. For my paladin, I utilized the Paladin Charisma check. The Difficulty Class of each one is quite high (15), so use your character with the highest stat you want to use and give them additional bonuses (Shadowheart’s Guidance spell).

The examine screen of Phalar Aluve showing its stats
Here, Phalar Aluve is being wielded by my paladin who gets additional damage benefits from using a Longsword.
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Succeed at the skill check and you will draw the sword from the stone. You’ll now be able to use Phalar Aluve! This Longsword has a unique Class Action called Phalar Aluve: Melody. The ability lets you cast one of two spells per short rest:

  • Sing: All allies within 6m range have a 1d4 bonus to Attack Rolls and Charisma, Wisdom and Intelligence Saving Throws that lasts for 5 turns
  • Shriek: All enemies within 6m range have a 1d4 penalty to Charisma, Wisdom and Intelligence Saving Throws. Affected creatures receive an extra 1-4 Thunder damage. The effect lasts for 5 turns.

At its base level, Phalar Aluve can deal 1d10+1 when two-handed or 1d8+1 when used one-handed. It’s best to equip this on a character that is proficient with Longswords in order to gain all of its bonuses and even potentially increase its damage output.

Can’t interact with Phalar Aluve

Some players have reported being unable to interact with Phalar Aluve. One such fix for this is to make sure you don’t have any Sussur Flowers in your inventory. Drop any flowers away from the sword or send them to camp. By this reasoning, you should also ensure you’re not silenced.

Once you’ve found Phalar Aluve and removed it from the rock, you’ll have one of the more powerful Longswords in Baldur’s Gate 3. Remember to use its Melody Class Action in combat to buff your allies on hinder your enemies. We’ve got more information on quests and items over in our Baldur’s Gate 3 strategy guide, so check it out.

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