Where to find the dowry - Baldur's Gate 3

Find the dowry for the trapped man in Waukeen's Rest in Baldur's Gate 3.


After arriving in Waukeen’s Rest in Baldur’s Gate 3, players will quickly discover the place is ablaze with citizens in danger. As part of the quest to help the town, you’ll no doubt discover a trapped man who speaks of a wedding dowry for his betrothed. Here’s where to find the dowry and what you can do with it.

Rescue the Trapped Man – Find the dowry

Rescue the Trapped Man is the name of the quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that kicks off in Waukeen’s Rest. To start this quest, enter the town and go into the building to the west. Travel up the stairs and through the covered hallway to the door. There will be yelling coming from the other side. Break down the door with your melee weapon to find a trapped man called Benryn.

Map of the Waukeen's Rest town with the Dowry location circled

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Quickly speak with Benryn and pass a Strength check to free him. Help him out of the room and to safety. Freeing Benryn and speaking with him will reveal that he’s looking for Miri and that he knows about about a dowry. This dowry is in a pile of hay in the barn area.

A paladin standing in the foreground, behind him is a barn
The dowry is in a chest, which is hidden inside a pile of hay in the barn. Pass a Perception check or learn of its location from Miri's corpse using Speak with Dead.
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There are two ways to find the dowry. First, you can approach the hay in the barn which triggers an automatic Perception check. If successful, you will be able to search the hay for the chest. Ensure that each member of your party is close so they each do a Perception check. Alternatively, you can head up to the second floor of the western building and cast Speak with Dead on the body of Miri to learn about the chest in the hay.

The route to get to the trapped man in Waukeen's Rest
When you first arrive, go into the building to the west and up the stairs. Open the door and free the man.
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Once you have the dowry, which is a simple gold ring with an inscription, return to Benryn. His location will be different depending on how you approach this quest. If you’ve already found Miri and told him about her, he will be by her body. You can offer to give him the dowry, keep it, or tell him you don’t have it.

With the dowry found and your decision made about what to do with it, you can leave Benryn to his grieving. Take a moment to read over our Baldur’s Gate 3 strategy guide for more quest guides, puzzle solutions, and explanations of the game’s various systems.

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