FreshCut is a short-form video platform from former Twitch execs focusing on gaming communities

James Kuk, Ben Stueck, and Ernie Le founded FreshCut with a goal of bolstering content creator discovery and bringing gaming communities closer together.


A number of former Twitch executives launched a new short-form video platform in FreshCut a while back, and with a recent focus on gaming communities and creator discoverability, it looks to become a contender in a space currently dominated by Twitch and YouTube. The platform recently crossed a five-month mark and claims to have gathered over two million visitors and over 130,000 content creators since.

FreshCut officially launched a communities update earlier this year, and with its focus on short-form video content, the platform is raising competition with several major giants in the tech industry and offering a new alternative for viewers and creators to try. Former Twitch Global Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships James Kuk, former Senior Business Development Manager Ben Stueck, and former Director of Game Publisher & Developer Partnerships Ernie Le make up the leadership of FreshCut and have worked to make the platform a place that “provide[s] a unified home for short-form content for the next generation of gaming fans, creators, and communities.”

FreshCut Communities Update
With a major update back in February, FreshCut took aim at focusing its short-form video platform on bringing gaming communities together and boosting creator discoverability.
Source: FreshCut

With the launch of the communities update earlier this year and its pivot to focus on gaming communities and creators, the FreshCut leadership is hoping to address social failings of other platforms in the market.

“The cornerstone of any game is having a strong community to support it,” said FreshCut CEO James Kuk. “Yet the key failure of major social media platforms for gamers is a lack of community focus, since they serve hundreds of verticals that go far beyond gaming. Our goal is the opposite, which involves a laser focus on gaming content, developing close bonds with specific gaming circles for more authentic relationships, and bolstering discovery since it is one of the biggest struggles creators face. As a testament to our vision, our user base has soared month-over-month since we launched.”

Twitch and YouTube have remained the giants of the video content creation space for years, and they only seem to grow, but have also had plenty of missteps that put management at odds with its creative community along the way. With FreshCut gaining ground, it will be interesting to see how the platform continues to grow, and if it can stand out among established competition. Stay tuned as we continue to report on further updates in the content creation space.

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