Remnant 2 designer teases easier Archetype access in upcoming update

Remnant 2 principal designer Ben Cureton shared that soon players will be able to buy any Archetype Engram they've previously earned when playing new characters.

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Getting some of the Archetypes in Remnant 2 is part luck of the draw, part hard-as-nails, and, at least in one case, part internet research, but keeping them for all your new characters is about to get easier. Remnant 2 principal designer Ben Cureton recently revealed that an upcoming update to the game will make it so that not only can you start the game with any Archetype they’ve earned, but they can also buy any Archetype engram they’ve earned off of one of the in-game NPCs.

Cureton shared details about Remnant 2’s upcoming archetype change shortly after the release of the most recent major update for the game. Currently, when you start Remnant 2, you can pick from any of the base archetypes, as well as the extra archetypes you’ve collected when starting a new character. However, in the next update, Ben Cureton teased that you’ll also be able to buy the Engram for any Archetype you’ve previously collected off of an in-game NPC known as Wally.

Ben Cureton's tweet about the upcoming changes to Archetype access in Remnant 2
According to Remnant 2 principal designer Ben Cureton, a change is coming to the game that will let you access all Archetypes you've already earned on new characters more easily.
Source: Ben Cureton

While you start Remnant 2 as a single Archetype, it isn’t long before you’re able to do more. You can collect more than one Archetype and equip them either as your primary or secondary class. What this means is if you’ve managed to nab something like the secret Archon Archetype, you won’t have to go through the steps it takes to unlock it again. You can either select it as your primary Archetype at the beginning or find the Engram for it at Wally’s shop.

Remnant 2 has proven to be an incredible new chapter for the series, offering players a wealth of challenge and satisfying gameplay, as shared in our review. It just keeps getting better, too. Stay tuned for this Archetype Engram change in upcoming updates for the game.

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