How to unlock the Archon Archetype - Remnant 2

The Archon Archetype was hidden deep in the Remnant 2 game files until a dataminer was able to discover how to unlock it.


It’s not every day that a developer hints that players should be datamining game files, but that’s exactly how Gunfire Games wanted players to discover the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2. For those who want to get their hands on this unique subclass, the steps are below, including what gear you need, what level it needs to be, and more. No need to learn how to mine data!

How to unlock the Archon

To unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2, you must first complete the main campaign. The reason for this is you must equip a very specific set of Archetypes, weapons, rings, amulet, and relic. With all of these items equipped, you will be able to unlock a unique door in the Labyrinth. Here are the items you need to equip:

  • Explore Archetype to Level 10 with Fortune Hunter skill equipped
  • Invader Archetype to Level 5 with Worm Hole skill equipped
  • Realmwalker armor set
  • Void Heart Relic
  • Ford’s Scattergun
  • Cube Gun
  • Labyrinth Staff
  • Leto’s Amulet
  • Amber Moonstone ring
  • Black Cat Band ring
  • Anastasija’s Inspiration ring
  • Zania’s Malice ring
Whispers' inventory in Remnant 2 showing the Realmwalker armor

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The Realmwalker armor set can be purchased from Whispers after completing the game. The full set will cost you 2,725 scrap. Whisper’s also sells Anastasija’s Inspiration ring for 3,000 scrap.

To unlock the Void Heart Relic, you must complete the N’Erud world and then come back after 12 hours have passed in-game. You can either stand around or go off and continue the campaign or explore other worlds. After returning to N’Erud, you will discover the region of Alepsis-Taura where you can find the Void Heart on the ground.

Ford’s Scattergun is hidden on Yaesha in the Red Throne and is only accessible if you have the Seal of the Empress equipped. This ring is awarded after finishing the Yaesha world. According to the game’s wiki, the ring is given to the player if they do not give the queen the seed and then be polite during the last conversation. Enter the room to the left of the main crystal and a set of stairs will be revealed.

The Cube Gun can be crafted at McCabe after defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel. It will cost 1,000 scrap to make it.

Map of the Fractured Ingress in the Labyrinth with an arrow showing how to reach Bastion

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The player fights Bastion with the Labyrinth Staff on a plinth behind it

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For the melee weapon, you need the Labyrinth Staff. This is found in the Labyrinth after defeating Bastion. Start at the Fractured Ingress and face the large portal. Go left and follow the lower path as it extends out straight. You’ll reach the edge of a platform with a fractured bridge below you, drop down to land on the bridge and have it form. Follow it to the end, drop down into the arena, and grab the Labyrinth Staff.

Reggie sells Leto’s Amulet after you perform 100 dodges where you land hard on the ground. This style of dodging is performed when you’re wearing heavy armor and are overencumbered. You can do this wherever you want.

Finally, you will need four rings. Amber Moonstoon is sold by Cass in Ward 13. If she’s not selling it, check back again. The Black Cat Band is sold by Reggie while Anastasija’s Inspiration is sold by Whispers. Zania’s Malice is found in Root Earth in the Ashen Wasteland, right before dropping down to where you get the Resonating Heart Relic.

Where to find the engram for the Archon Archetype

A map of the Fractured Ingress in the Labyrinth with the cycling portal highlighted

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After acquiring all the gear, equip it all and travel to the Fractured Ingress in the Labyrinth. You will then need to locate the portal shows a different exit every few seconds. This portal is to the left of the large portal at Fractured Ingress, at a little intersection. Wait for the portal to show a purple void and then step through.

The portal that cycles through exit locations in the Labyrinth
Step through the portal when it looks like you'll simply fall to your death. A bridge will spawn, connecting you to the ledge you can see at the top of the portal.
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A bridge will form under you. Walk up the bridge into a new area where a few stone monsters will spawn. Defeat them and go to the far room of the right to find a corrupted portal. With all the right gear equipped, you will be able to open the door and gain access to The Backrooms.

Continue through the Backrooms to find a Strange Box. There will also be a Bisected Ring and an amulet called Gunfire Security Lanyard. You’re now able to unlock the Archon Archetype. Simply return to Wallace and pay him to turn the Strange Box into the Hexahedron.

How all the Archon Archetype was discovered is thanks to a massive community effort. Reddit user MotherKosm created a post in late July indicating that the Discord community was on track to finding the solution. Soon enough, MotherKosm shared the details in a comment. This search was spurred on by Ben “tragic” Cureton, the principal designer of Remnant 2. Cureton took to Twitter to inform players that the team knew they couldn’t stop datamining, so they leaned into it, hiding the Archon Archetype in the code.

It will take a lot of effort to unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2. Not only must you finish the campaign, but also acquire and level two Archetypes and even locate a bunch of rare gear. Take some time to look over our Remnant 2 page where you’ll find more guides to help you clear this brutally challenging and critically acclaimed title.

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