How to farm Corrupted Lumenite Crystal - Remnant 2

The best place to farm Corrupted Lumenite Crystal in Remnant 2 so you can upgrade your Mutators.


Corrupted Lumenite Crystal is one of the most valuable currencies in Remnant 2. This rare material is used to upgrade your weapon mutators at Dwell, and as the Mutator grows in power, so too will the required number of Corrupted Lumenite Crystal. Farming up a good supply isn’t as easy as gathering other materials, but there is at least one popular strategy.

Farm Corrupted Lumenite Crystal

Corrupted Lumenite Crystals are dropped from corrupted or aberrant enemies. These are mini bosses you can encounter throughout the game that have a reddish coloring with a glitching effect. Defeating one will yield at least one of these crystals, though some players have reported earning up to seven. To earn more, play on a harder difficulty level and use the Explorer Archetype.

The World Settings on the World Crystal

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Morrow Parish in Losomn

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As for farming Corrupted Lumenite Crystal, the fastest way is to reroll the Losomn region and defeat the Ripsaw boss near the asylum. This idea comes courtesy of Reddit users gamingx47. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Ward 13 and interact with the World Crystal
  2. Select the World Settings from the bottom and then choose Reroll Adventure Mode
  3. Click Losomn, choose the difficulty, and then confirm
  4. Return to the World Crystal world selector screen and load into Losomn
  5. Reroll the Adventure until you get Morrow Parish as the starting point

With those steps done, you will be launched into a fresh Adventure Mode version of Losomn. The reason you need to reroll it's not Morrow Parish is that places like the Palace Courtyard is nowhere near the asylum. 

The only caveat here is that you still need to fight your way to the asylum. This will involve, at a minimum, defeating a boss or two. You can run past all the trash enemies, only killing those that prevent you from resting at the checkpoints.

Additionally, you may encounter a corrupted elite enemy along the way, which will yield you another Corrupted Lumenite Crystal. Once you do make it to the asylum, work your way to the outdoor area with the shed, here you are guaranteed to fight Ripsaw, one of the corrupted versions of the foes from the area.

Dwell's upgrade menu

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With Ripsaw defeated, you can either continue on clearing Losomn in hopes of finding more corrupted foes or reroll the Adventure Mode and run it again. Even though this method is a great way to guarantee Corrupted Lumenite Crystal, it will still take a bit of effort and time. Obviously playing with a full squad will make farming much faster. Take a look at our Remnant 2 page for more guides to help you collect gear and solve puzzles.

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