How to solve the Gilded Chambers brazier puzzle - Remnant 2

The Gilded Chambers has two walls with ten braziers ignited with white and purple fire and the goal is to make them all match.


In the Gilded Chambers in the Losomn region in Remnant 2 is a room with five braziers along each wall. These braziers have white and purple flames and the puzzle here is to make them all match. Now, this sounds easier than it is, as each one you shoot will flip the color of the ones beside it, so planning is key.

Gilded Chambers brazier puzzle

While exploring the Losomn region players will likely find the Gilded Chambers. Within these opulent halls will be a room lined with five braziers on each wall. These braziers will have white and purple flames. This is actually a puzzle where the solution is to make all braziers white.

The way the braziers work is that shooting one will invert its color as well as any that it is next to. So shooting the one in the middle will flip it and the ones on either side of it. Shooting the one on the end will inverse it and the single one beside it. As for solving the puzzle, this solution assumes you haven’t shot them yet and that the order of the colors is consistent.

The Gilded Chambers room with text superimposed showing the order of the braziers

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For the left hand side of the room (locked door is on your right), the braziers will look like this from left to right: purple, white, white, white, purple. Shoot the following braziers:

  1. Second from the left (white)
  2. Last on the right (purple)
  3. Middle (purple)

For the right hand side of the room (locked door is on your left), the braziers will look like this from left to right: white, purple, white, purple, white. Shoot the following braziers:

  1. Second from the right (purple)
  2. Second from the left (purple)
  3. Last on the left (purple)
  4. Second from the right (white)
  5. Middle (purple)

If the braziers are all purple and you need to inverse them, follow these inputs:

  1. Last on the left
  2. Last on the right 
  3. Second from the left
  4. Last on the right
  5. Middle
  6. Second from the right
  7. Second from the left
  8. Middle

Once all the braziers are white, the door at the far end will open. At this point, you will have successfully solved the brazier puzzle in the Gilded Chambers and you can get back to ridding the world of Root. Be sure to check out our Remnant 2 page for more guides whether it’s getting new Archetypes or solving other puzzles.

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