How to upgrade the Dragon Heart Relic - Remnant 2

The Dragon Heart Relic can be upgraded and even swapped out for other consumables.


The Dragon Heart returns in Remnant 2 but this time it’s not the only type of Relic you can upgrade. Players will be given the opportunity to unlock brand new Relics, featuring different types of healing and even effects that help in other ways. Unlocking new Relics is worth it, as is spending the precious currency to upgrade them.

Upgrade the Relic

Wallace's inventory showing the cost of upgrading the Dragon Heart Relic

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Upgrading the Dragon Heart is the same as it was in the first game. Whenever you upgrade the Relic it will upgrade the number of charges it holds by one point regardless of which Relic you’re using. To do this, visit Wallace in Ward 13 and pay the following cost:

  • Simulacrum x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x10
  • Scrap x1,000

Wallace can be found by the docks near the waterfront. He is up high in a cubicle, accessed by climbing a few stairs. Wallace is also the vendor who will unlock new Archetypes for you provided you have the right item. The only problem with upgrading the Relic will be finding Simulacrum, an exceedingly rare resource.

How to get different Relics

The Dragon Heart is not the only Relic you can unlock in Remnant 2. Most of the other Relics are acquired by defeating bosses, completing NPC quests, or discovered in the environment. Remember to explore each world thoroughly, return to characters after defeating a boss, and exhaust their dialogue options.

A character gives the player a Siphon Heart Relic
There are different types of Relics that can be unlocked that offer differente effects. One such Relic is the Siphon Heart.
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As an example, the Siphon Heart Relic can be earned from the character on N’Erud after the main world boss is defeated. Once the boss is no more, speak with this character at the Ascension Spire to get the Relic. Activating the Siphon Heart grants 10 percent of base damage dealt as lifesteal for 10 seconds. The benefit here is that you can heal more than the 70 health offered by the Dragon Heart but it does require you to actually deal damage to an enemy.

Upgrading the Relic will give it one additional charge. This increase in charges applies to all Relics you find, not just the Dragon Heart. The only other way to alter the number of charges and whether they get consumed on use is to equip certain rings. Make sure you’re upgrading the Dragon Heart (and Relics) whenever you can. Check out our Remnant 2 page for more help understanding this dangerous new world.

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