Threads update adds translations and Follows tab for Activity Feed

This is not to be confused with the highly-requested 'Follows-only' view, which isn't ready yet.


Instagram's Threads app rolled out earlier this month to much fanfare. It had a lot of missing features, but when the head of Twitter is digging himself a giant hole, there's no time to waste in grabbing a shovel. With Threads getting rushed out the door, Meta is working to fill in any missing features as it goes along. The latest update adds a few interesting items of note, the biggest of which include a new translations feature and a Follows tab for a user's Activity Feed.

Threads' July 18 server-side patch notes

Source: Cameron Roth on Threads

Software engineer Cameron Roth shared the details of the July 18, 2023 server-side update on Threads (via 9to5Mac). The most noteworthy feature is a translations tab, which will allow users to translate posts made in different languages. Roth notes that this feature should be rolled out to all Threads users by the end of the day.

Users can also find a new Follows tab for the Activity Feed. This will allow people to get a full list of users that have followed them, making it easier to find accounts that Threads may not have automatically followed back for whatever reason. Speaking of following back users, Threads users can now go to their Followers list and begin following back any accounts they wish directly from that page. As for a 'follow only' view, that still isn't ready just yet.

Outside of that and a few bug fixes, this still isn't the big Threads update that people have been waiting for since the app's head-scratching launch. In spite of the many missing features, Threads still passed the 100 million user mark within a week of its launch, which likely says more about its competition than anything else. We'll continue to watch Threads' ongoing development and report back on anything worth chatting about. Keep it on Shacknews for any updates.

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