Street Fighter 6's Rashid update will also make a major change to Drive Rush cancels

It looks like Drive Rush canceling is about to take on a whole new dimension in the next update.


Capcom has been killing it with Street Fighter 6 as of late. The game is out in the wild, winning millions over, and kindling competition for a huge prize pool. It’s also about to get a big update that brings the first DLC character into play, Rashid. However, there’s another massive change around the corner as well. Street Fighter 6 is getting a quality-of-life update that will change how Drive Rush cancels work, and it sounds like it could substantially change some playstyles.

Capcom announced the details of the change coming to Drive Rush in a tweet on the Street Fighter Twitter on July 18, 2023. When Rashid launches on July 24, 2023, so too will a change to Drive Rush that allows Drive Rush cancels to be done with the use of the Parry function. To clarify, the current way to do a Drive Rush cancel is double-tapping forward after the use of any cancelable move. That means you have to be holding the forward direction to do it. This will make it so you can also do it by tapping the Parry button (or Medium Punch and Medium Kick at the same time) to activate a Drive Rush cancel.

An explanation of the Drive Rush cancel change coming to Street Fighter 6
Drive Rush cancels are about to take on a new dimension in the update that launches Rashid.
Source: Capcom

This change stands to be a big deal for certain characters in Street Fighter 6. However, the Japanese Street Fighter Twitter shares an important distinction about it. You either have to be holding forward or in neutral directional input (no forward or back movement) to activate a Drive Rush cancel. You can't do it while holding a back input, which keeps charge characters like Guile and E. Honda from being able to buffer charge moves and Drive Rush cancel right into a Sonic Boom or Sumo Headbutt. That said, as experts like Adel "Big Bird" Anouche point out, any character can also buffer jabs and other moves that might catch opponents off guard, so this change may still very well open up otherwise impossible avenues for combos and offensive pressure.

The Drive Rush cancel change is set to come into play on July 24 alongside the release of Rashid as the first DLC character. As we watch to see if the meta changes, stay tuned for more updates right here at Shacknews.

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