The Masterless Marauder Hunt Guide - Final Fantasy 16

Behemoths use a feudal system? Weird!


It’s time for the final S-Rank hunt guide for Final Fantasy 16, here at Shacknews. In order to get all the Orichalcum you need for the Gotterdammerung sword, you need to add this hunt to the ol’ to-do list. The creature hiding behind the Masterless Marauder moniker is none other than the Behemoth King. Longtime Final Fantasy sickos know all too well how scary a normal Behemoth can be, and now you’re facing off against the top of the monarchy.

behemoth king hunt final fantasy 16
Source: Square Enix

According to the hunt board over at Cid/Clive’s Hideaway, “the Waloeder army captured such beasts and tried to train them to serve, but this particular specimen's training has long since ceased.” Much like the other S-Ranks, you get the top-level regional location and no other hints. We got you covered though, with a map screenshot and everything.

Behemoth King location

behemoth king hunt map final fantasy 16
Source: Square Enix

The nearest fast travel point to this furry foe is Vidargraes. From here, you can just kind of head vaguely southwest and you should eventually run into your mark. This region is a big, wide-open area, and there’s a good chance you’ll simply run into Behemoth King by accident. That’s exactly what happened to me, anyway.

Fighting Behemoth King is very similar to the other Behemoth-adjacent fights you run into in Final Fantasy 16. You’ll be dealing with a lot of burning asteroids falling from the sky and causing either AoE damage or shockwaves. If you opt to chase Behemoth King around and fight close, it will use a gnarly spin attack as well. If you have Titan or a good dodging finger, it’s actually a decent idea to get in there.

As a reward for defeating Behemoth King, you’ll get one piece of Orichalcum and a Behemoth Shackle. The former is yet another material needed for endgame equipment, while the latter is one of the pieces required for the Defender weapon.

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