How to get Orichalcum - Final Fantasy 16

Gotterdammerung means Twilight of the Gods, FYI.


If you’ve been filling in all the to-do lists in Final Fantasy 16, you’re going to eventually run into Orichalcum. This is often a top-tier material in RPG worlds, and is used to make some of the most powerful equipment you can get your adventurous mitts on. In fact, you need several pieces of Orichalcum (and other things) to craft the most powerful weapon you can get in Final Fantasy 16. Well, during your first run through the story at least.

You’ll encounter your need pretty late in the game, and only if you’re engaging with the side quests. You should totally do that, because the storytelling in them really ramps up. If you complete the Blacksmith’s Heart IV side quest, you’ll unlock the crafting recipe for Gotterdammerung. Once again, that’s the most powerful weapon you can get during your first run through Final Fantasy 16. Getting the Orichalcum you need is similar to a material you needed for similar tasks in the first half of the game, Scarletite.

How to get Orichalcum

Basically, that means you don’t need to worry about actually searching for Orichalcum. Instead, you need to hop over to the hunt board and fill that bad boy out. You also get a few pieces by going through the main story, but in order to get everything you need, you’re going to need to clear some of the most powerful hunts, including the top dog (dragon) Svarog.

Gotterdammerung recipe

gotterdammerung recipe final fantasy 16
Source: Square Enix

The full recipe for Gotterdammerung is as follows:

  • Ragnarok x1
  • Orichalcum x3
  • Darksteel x2
  • Primitive Battlehorn x1

The Ragnarok is a weapon you get when you complete the Blacksmith’s Blues IV side quest. Everything else, just like the Orichalcum, is obtained through either hunts or story progress. So get to hunting!

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