How to Get Scarletite - Final Fantasy 16

If you want to get your hands on some of the best gear upgrades, you're going to need Scarletite.


Scarletite is a crafting material in Final Fantasy 16 that’s used to build some of the best equipment you can get in the early parts of the game. Because of that utility, you can’t exactly just roll up to the nearest shop and buy some. You have to work for it. So with that being said, here’s how to find Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16.

Where to Find Scarletite

Final Fantasy 16 Hot Water quest
The Hot Water quest is one of a few activities that will reward you with Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16.

The main way to get Scarletite (and other ingredients later on that serve a similar function) is to participate in the hunting board. Helping out Nektar - the moogle with the horrifying veins bulging from its pom-pom - is the best way to help out yourself. If you go through the hunts as they become available and manageable, you’ll end up with several pieces of Scarletite. There’s also a side quest, Hot Water, that rewards the final piece. With what you earn from the hunts and that side quest, you’ll be able to craft and upgrade the two Drakeslayer accessories and Excalibur sword.

Unfortunately this is a pretty rigid system, so you won't be finding any Scarletite as you're out wandering around the world. It's all or nothing, baby!

These items and the quests that offer them are all optional, and not necessary at all to get through Final Fantasy 16, but as your challenges scale up, it doesn’t hurt to have them. On the other hand, there will be a point where you will find better gear. Luckily you can check the upgraded versions’ stats at the blacksmith, so you can check to see if doing all this is worthwhile.

We recommend doing all the side content as it arrives anyway, since it compliments the main story quite well with additional character moments and unlockables. The fancy equipment upgrades along the way are a bonus!

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