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Trouble in the ruins.


As we briefly mentioned in a previous hunt guide (Dozmare), Final Fantasy 16 isn’t always forthcoming about information. Sometimes a hunt, especially the higher ranking marks, wants you to read between the lines a little and do some actual hunting. One such hunt is The Breaker of Worlds, which is later revealed to be Atlas. This is one of Final Fantasy 16’s S-Rank hunts, and is crucial to crafting the Gotterdammerung weapon. Here’s what you need to know.

Atlas hunt board final fantasy 16
Source: Square Enix

The only hint you get for the Breaker of Worlds hunt is that “due to the discovery of a Fallen giant in the Rosarian Ruins,” all work in the area has been put on hold. And if you recall, Rosaria has little bits and pieces of ruins all over it. So if you want to skip the exploration and just have the location spelled out for you, we got you.

Atlas location

Final Fantasy 16 map for Atlas hunt
Source: Square Enix

Your journey starts in Eastpool, which is the closest fast travel point you’re going to have available. Head south from there all the way past The Broken Hilt and into Greensheaves, then head east as soon as you can. This way leads to Cressida, where our Fallen giant is hanging out. Just keep going east until you can’t anymore, and the fight should be triggered. As demonstrated here, a good rule of thumb for a lot of these trickier hunts is finding little arena-shaped spaces protruding from the map for no discernable reason.

As for the fight itself, this can be a tough one if you aren’t sufficiently leveled-up. We recommend taking Titan with you, as you’ll be able to block a lot of Atlas’ attacks even if you struggle to parry. Otherwise make sure you’re stocked up on potions, and ready to run away from AoE markers at a moment’s notice.

For your troubles you’ll receive one piece each of Orichalcum and Fallen Iron, the former you’ll be needing for the baddest sword in the game (before new game plus, anyway).

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