Pandemonium Hunt Guide - Final Fantasy 16

Missed an opportunity for a good panda monster.


Pandemonium isn’t afraid of you, and you can tell because it’s the only S-Rank hunt mark that doesn’t have its name hidden behind a vague descriptor. That, or Final Fantasy 16 is simply signaling you won’t be getting any Orichalcum from this fight. Either way, Pandemonium is simply Pandemonium. But you still have to look for it, so we have the info to help make that happen.

pandemonium hunt final fantasy 16
Source: Square Enix

Like a certain big, red, and also very big dragon hunt, Pandemonium’s hint tells you which region you need to be in. “Those few souls who were able to escape from Ash before the skies changed tell of Pandemonium, the King of the Orcs who led his fellow beastmen in revolt against Waloeder rule,” reads the hunt board. Time to hop over to Waloed, folks.

Pandemonium location

pandemonium hunt map final fantasy 16
Source: Square Enix

This varmint hangs out in the Wolfdarr area, and the nearest fast travel point is The Shadow Coast. The path from there through Wolfdarr is mostly linear, but there’s a left turn around where the Skaithfarr label is written on the map. Follow that new path and you’ll come to the usual suspicious open clearing, and the fight will be on.

Fighting Pandemonium is not very different from the other orc enemies you’ve faced. The explosions are bigger and can involve traps, so watch your step. The big thing you have to watch out for is Rictus of Horror, a massive beam that you either sidestep or die. Luckily you get a clear warning it’s coming.

For winning the fight you’ll earn a Stained Loincloth, which you’ll need to craft the Sons of Ouroboros vambrace equipment. You need Orichalcum for those too, so your hunting career ain't over yet.

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