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Come out, dragon, just for me!


There are several S-Rank marks for you to hunt in Final Fantasy 16. But this one is at the top of the mountain. Svarog is a massive, red dragon who sits at level 50, the level cap for your first run through the game. Of course, in order to fight Svarog you have to find them first. And like the other S-Rank hunts, you don’t get much more than a vague hint. But we’re here to help if you don’t feel like dealing with that.

svarog hunt board final fantasy 16
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The Ruin Reawakened hunt description notes, “Sanbrequois legend tells of a dread dragon who set near half the realm alight with his torrid breath.” That’s the closest thing you get to a hint; this creature is located… somewhere within the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. It’s understandable if you aren’t really interested in taking the time to search this one out.

Svarog location

final fantasy 16 svarog hunt location map
Source: Square Enix

The nearest fast travel point to Svarog is the Caer Norvent Gloriuse Gate, which is actually super close to your final destination. If you somehow don’t have that, you need to head south from The Imperial Chase. For reference, this area is to the east of Norvent Valley, which is where Dozmare was hanging out much earlier in the game. From the fast travel point head east and follow the path all the way to the end. It’s the only path available in this part of the map, so you can’t miss it.

Like we said before, Svarog is the ultimate mark, and if you aren’t level 50 yourself you might have an uphill battle ahead of you. By this point you’ve faced several dragons similar to Svarog, and you can generally follow similar rules. However, Svarog’s souped-up versions of dragon attacks are nearly screen-covering, so you’re gonna need to stay on your toes. If you don’t have all the potion upgrades, you might want to do that first.

Svarog drops several items when you defeat them. You get one each of the following: Orichalcum, Empty Shard, Amber, and Fallen Enigma. While you should know what the orichalcum is for at this point, all those other items are simply high-value sellables. Svarog’s bank account was looking good.

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