Fae Farm brings combat to the cozy sim genre

Beyond combat, Fae Farm also puts the fun back into chores and weaves in magic for quality of life purposes.


Cozy games, wholesome games, whatever you want to call them, are some of the most relaxing and meditative games out there. One upcoming title that has caught our eye is Fae Farm from Phoenix Labs. This game fuses together the joy of chores like Animal Crossing with some magic and a bit of combat! We recently spoke with Rachel Garcia, associate producer at Phoenix Labs, all about what makes Fae Farm so special.

A big part of Fae Farm is the farming aspect, tending to crops and growing – literally and figuratively – your farm. “We wanted to put the fun back into farming and doing those chores,” Garcia said when talking about what makes Fae Farm so special. Additionally, Garcia pointed out that magic is rather useful in the game, “We use our magic for quality of life and efficiency.”

Garcia also spoke about the various cosmetic items players can unlock, the thrill of combat (or how to avoid it), as well as the crafting system. Players will be able to make décor, food, and more! You can find more exclusive developer interviews and discussions over on our Shacknews Interviews YouTube channel. Learn more about Fae Farm by visiting its official site. Fae Farm is scheduled to release on September 8, 2023 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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