Distant Bloom devs on creating alien worlds & environment restoration game design

Distant Bloom was a standout indie among the showcases in June, and we spoke to developer Ember Trail about this mission to restore life to a desolate world.


During the weekend of Summer Game Fest, we saw a lot of new games and fresh reveals of known titles. However, one that stood out among the pack for its survival builder style and vibrant visuals was Distant Bloom. This game from Ember Trailer will take players to an alien world that has become desolate and lifeless. With the help of fellow spaceship crew members, players will restore the world to vibrant beauty with a variety of interesting sci-fi tools. We recently got to talk with senior producer Wictor Nilsson about how the game is coming together.

During the concept phase of Distant Bloom, Ember Trail wanted to do a peaceful game that featured a sci-fi setting. It also wanted to create a game that featured a rich duality. When you get to the world, it’s very grayed out and lifeless, but as you establish your camps and reconnect with fellow explorers, you gain the tools to restore life, flora, and fauna to the planet. You also learn distinctly which plants work and thrive together to create a lovely new ecosystem.

Distant Bloom was also a fun way for Ember Trail to explore creativity in various characters, plants, and beasts. Even the player is a strange, yet charming species dedicated to this cause of saving the planet. The team wanted to create something that was altogether unique, even for the player avatar, but also kind of adorable and something you’d want to play as. It helps that you have a funny little robot helper that lends aid in your travels and efforts. Ultimately, Distant Bloom captures a survival, exploration, and restorative charm that’s looking like it will be a wonderfully chill experience. You can learn more about the game on its Steam Page, or follow the studio on social media.

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