THQ Nordic will begin limited print runs of all PC games starting with Jagged Alliance 3

Both Standard and Collector's Edition versions of games will be in very limited supply going forward as THQ Nordic spins up a new physical edition business plan.


Physical format video games have been dwindling in popularity over the course of a long time as digital became much more convenient, despite the inherent risk of losing access to a game. This is the center logic behind a new decision at THQ Nordic to begin offering physical versions of any new PC games in extremely limited quality, in both standard and collector’s edition form. THQ will begin this new program with the launch of Jagged Alliance 3 and apply it to all future PC releases.

THQ Nordic announced its new limited physical run program via a press release on June 26, 2023. According to the announcement, starting with Jagged Alliance 3 in July, THQ Nordic will begin doing limited-run prints of both Standard and Collector’s edition versions of games.

THQ Nordic's tweet about its new limited physical edition program.
THQ Nordic announced its plan to do limited-run physical editions of all upcoming PC games starting with Jagged Alliance 3.
Source: THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic goes on to say that first runs of games will be available on the THQ Nordic Vienna Store, second batches will be offered through all THQ Nordic stores and select retailers, and a final copy will be kept in Embracer’s Games Archive. It also goes on to share a planned list of games that will be handled this way:

With Jagged Alliance 3 acting as the test case for this new program from THQ Nordic, it will be interesting to see if the company stays with its new physical edition strategy. Stay tuned for more details and updates right here at Shacknews.

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