Final Fantasy 16 voice actors talk video games, mo-cap & working in games

Final Fantasy 16 voice actors Ralph Ineson and Ben Starr spoke to us about their experience with games, getting on with this project and much more.


With Final Fantasy 16 now launching, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to the series. One such matter is meeting the voice actors of the game’s main characters. We got such an opportunity at Summer Game Fest 2023. Ahead of the game’s launch, Cidolfus Telamon voice actor Ralph Ineson and Clive Rosfield voice actor Ben Starr took the time to speak with us about taking on major roles in a Final Fantasy game, their experience with games, and the process of learning and bringing their characters to live in both voice acting and mo-cap.

In terms of experience, Ineson and Starr had very different realizations about what they were working on. Both of them revealed that they auditioned for a Square Enix project not knowing what it was. It was only until Ben Starr read through the script that he realized it was a mainline Final Fantasy game, sending him over the moon.

Ineson and Starr also speak to the nature of taking up a character for a video game in contrast to characters on a TV show or live-action set. Both spoke to the intensity of the process. There’s no resetting a set, so the voicework is pretty constant and intense. Nonetheless, the two enjoyed getting into a rhythm and discovering a rhythm between Clive and Cid. In particular, they had an opportunity to interact a lot and realize the relationship between their characters, which they were able to then translate into their character work. It was just one part of what came out to a good review for Final Fantasy 16 here at Shacknews.

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