Square Enix supports a Final Fantasy 6 remake, but brand leads say it will be difficult

Final Fantasy brand manager Yoshinori Kitase and creator Hironobu Sakaguchi addressed the matter of a Final Fantasy 6 remake during a roundtable discussion.


Among the most beloved Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy 6 sits near the top. And, as it turns out, many of the staff and executives at Square Enix would love to give it the remake treatment. It was to the point that Final Fantasy producer and brand manager Yoshinori Kitase addressed the matter in a recent roundtable discussion. Unfortunately, it seems a Final Fantasy 6 remake isn’t something that’s coming anytime soon.

Kitase addressed the matter of a Final Fantasy 6 remake in a 35th anniversary roundtable discussion celebrating Final Fantasy. In said discussion, Kitase revealed that it’s not for lack of enthusiasm that a Final Fantasy 6 remake has yet to be started. In fact, Kitase says it’s a regular request, but it would be difficult to tackle, as translated by @Genki_JPN.

Tweets regarding the possibility of a Final Fantasy 6 remake.
Yoshinori Kitase said that he gets asked about a Final Fantasy 6 remake reguarly, but it would be hard to tackle before the Final Fantasy 7 remake is done.
Source: Genki_JPN

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi also chimed in to share his enthusiasm, but also concerns about tackling the project. He shared that his concern about tackling a remake is that it would be difficult to transfer what was almost entirely a pixelated game over to 3D space. It doesn’t seem to take into account the possibility of doing Final Fantasy 6 as a 2DHD remake in the vein of Dragon Quest 3. Nonetheless, he cheekily asked Kitase “won't you release it a little sooner?”

We’re probably not going to see hide or hair of a return to Final Fantasy 6 until at least after Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth comes out. Even so, the fact that there’s enthusiasm for the idea sounds promising. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further updates.

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