Diablo 4 Hotfix 11 patch notes

Activision Blizzard has prepped another hotfix for Diablo 4 that restricts players from jumping to World Tiers 3 and 4 inappropriately to level faster.

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Another quick hotfix has come to Diablo 4 after Activision Blizzard took issue with players accessing World Tiers they shouldn’t be able to in a small exploit. Diablo 4 Hotfix 11 takes aim at World Tiers 3 and 4, which should only be accessible after players beat the game at lower tiers. Instead, players were jumping into games with other players who had beat the game and were at World Tier 3 and 4, skipping the requirement and allowing for fast leveling. Now, you can’t join higher World Tiers if you haven’t completed the requirements for them.

Diablo 4 Hotfix 11 patch notes

Diablo 4 World Tiers
Diablo 4 Hotfix 11 stops players from joining games of World Tiers they have not unlocked by beating the game.
Source: Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard rolled out Diablo 4 Hotfix 11 and its accompanying patch notes (as reported by WowHead) on June 16, 2023. The biggest headliner of this hotfix is the adjustment to ability to join games of players who are in World Tiers 3 and 4. If you have not completed the game on a lower World Tier, for which you wouldn’t be able to access 3 and 4 in the first place, then you can’t join a player in a World Tier 3 or 4 game. There are more fixes as well, which you can see in the full patch notes below.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where players in World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 could invite others to their party that were not eligible for those higher tiers.

  • Fixed an issue where all World Tiers would display as unlocked when players may not have met the requirements.

  • Further stability and improvements.

That marks the entirety of the Diablo 4 Hotfix 11 patch notes. For more coverage, including guides and previous patch notes, be sure to follow the Diablo 4 tag.

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    June 16, 2023 10:20 AM

    TJ Denzer posted a new article, Diablo 4 Hotfix 11 patch notes

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      June 16, 2023 11:38 AM

      "Let's see if we can't fix it so no one can skip the unrewarding part of the game."

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        June 16, 2023 1:46 PM

        you only have to complete the campaign once, you can skip it on every other character you create

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          June 16, 2023 2:56 PM

          My rogue cannot be in WT3 until SHE finishes the Capstone Dungeon. Though my Barb is in WT3.

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      June 16, 2023 1:23 PM

      Does that mean they fixed xp boosting for second characters?

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      June 16, 2023 2:58 PM

      So dumb, if I drop back to Tier 2 to play with my friends who aren't T3 I basically get zero XP or useful drops and they can't join me in Tier 3 so wtf...

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