Last Train Home tells the tale of the Czechoslovak Legion later this year

THQ Nordic and Ashborne Games have revealed a strategy game with a unique twist.

THQ Nordic

A packed Sunday of game reveals continued with a first look at a new title from publisher THQ Nordic and developer Ashborne Games. It's a survival strategy that will challenge players to escape a war-torn nation and bring their soldiers home. It's called Last Train Home.

Last Train Home is unique in that it takes place aboard an armored train during World War I. Czechoslovakian soldiers are on their way to their newly-founded homeland, but their train is traveling across the dangerous Siberian tundra, which is embroiled in a bloody civil war. Players must exercise strategy in real-time battles to help their soldiers survive against hostile forces.

However, surviving individual battles is just the beginning. Players will ultimately have to survive the trip home by making sure their armored train is strong enough to complete its journey. Over the course of the game, users will have to upgrade their units' skills and equipment, upgrade the train itself and keep it running pristinely, and make difficult choices that ensure as many soldiers' survival as possible.

Stepping outside into the unknown in Last Train Home

Source: THQ Nordic

Ashborne Games hopes to create a strategy game that's not only unlike others on the market but one that's historically accurate. The team hopes to be faithful to the story of the Czechoslovak Legion and their journey home, as well as the harrowing tales of the Siberian civil war. Last Train Home is coming to PC later this year. Expect more details during the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase, which is set to air in August.

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