Crushed Beast Bones farming tips - Diablo 4

Getting Crushed Beast Bones is a chore, but they're mandatory ingredients for most elixirs.


There’s a straightforward method for Crushed Beast Bones farming in Diablo 4, but it’s tucked away in a corner of Scosglen you might not have even explored yet. Crushed Beast Bone’s most important use comes fairly early in the game, when you need to get more out of your health potions. However, it’s also a key ingredient in some handy elixirs that make clearing dungeons and battling elites much easier.

This guide explains where to find Crushed Beast Bones and how to farm them efficiently.

Where to find Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4

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The Crushed Beast Bones description that shows up when you hover over the item says they drop from beast enemies. Considering almost every non-demon enemy falls under that category, it’s not a particularly helpful description – even more so if you’re defeating scores of enemies at once. I finished Act 1 and found I had two Crushed Beast Bones, with no idea where they actually came from. 

Tempting as it may be to just spend hours defeating beast enemies in the Dry Steppes, you can use your time more wisely elsewhere – like taking on an Elite enemy in Scosglen that’s guaranteed to give you Crushed Beast Bones.

Crushed Beast Bones farming in Diablo 4

The Elite foe Gaspar Stilbian drops five Crushed Beast Bones every time you defeat him, along with the Outcast’s Handwraps – useful if you’re a Sorcerer. He calls the Highland Wilds of Scosglen home, and while the game technically expects you to be around level 30-35 by the time you challenge him, you can do it safely as soon as you reach level 15.

The easiest way to reach the Highland Wilds is taking the road northeast of Kyovashad. Travel through Kor Vos, and head northwest into Scosglen. If you’re playing solo, don’t stop to fight the enemy mobs. They can make short work of you even on World Tier 1, thanks to their sheer numbers and the fact that some have skills that inflict poison.

Your initial location should be this waypoint, Under the Fat Goose Inn. Activate it so you have an easy way to return later, and then head east.

A map image showing a route north of Kyovashad, through southern Scosglen to the Fat Goose Inn

Gaspar is in an area called The Scar, near what looks like a lava flow.

He’s level 35, but that doesn’t actually matter. Gaspar won’t attack you at all during the fight. There is a large mob of Fallen enemies surrounding him, though, so make sure you’re prepared. A healing well is also nearby if you run out of potions. The enemies near Gaspar scale to your level, so you don't have to be level 30-35 to make it out alive.

Gaspar drops his bones after you defeat him, and you can leave and return after about five minutes to do it all over again. Crushed Beast Bones are pretty much the only reason to defeat him. Even when you’re at a lower level, Gaspar doesn’t give you much XP.

What are Crushed Beast Bones for in Diablo 4?

You need a few Crushed Beast Bones to level up your health potion after you reach level 30. A few other elixir recipes also call for them, including the very helpful Assault Elixir, which increases your attack and the XP you gain, and the Acrobatics Elixir, which shortens your dodge cooldown.

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