How to equip the Wolf Pup - Diablo 4

If you earned the Wolf Pup from the beta and can't find it, you're probably looking in the wrong place.


Blizzard is happy to let you figure out how to equip the Wolf Pup in Diablo 4 on your own, despite promoting it as a beta reward. If you met the necessary level requirements during the beta, you don’t have to do anything to actually get the Wolf Pup. You just have to go to the right spot to equip it.

How to get the Wolf Pup pack in Diablo 4

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Blizzard is only giving the Wolf Pup backpack to players who reached level 20 or higher during any of Diablo 4’s betas. The game automatically adds the Wolf Pup accessory to your cosmetic inventory once you create your character and complete the prologue in Nevesk, though you have to be playing Diablo 4 on the same Battlenet account you used during the beta.

There’s no other way to obtain the Wolf Pup, though it’s possible that Blizzard may add it to the in-game shop at some point.

How to equip the Wolf Pup in Diablo 4

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The Wolf Pup pack is a cosmetic item, which means you should head to the wardrobe to put it on. Wardrobes are in every major settlement, including Kyovashad, and you won’t find them in any of the smaller towns or backwoods hamlets scattered around Sanctuary. 

Interact with the wardrobe as if you were going to adjust your transmog settings, and select the “Items” tab. It’s a bit of an odd area in the wardrobe, since “item” can, and does, refer to anything from cosmetics to certain pieces of equipment you can find in the open world.

If you have the Wolf Pup, it’ll be there, alongside any other “item” cosmetics you’ve unlocked through the in-game shop or by salvaging equipment. Select the Wolf Pup to equip it, and you’ll see the lil’ lupine critter show up on your character’s back.

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