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Want to know what your favorite character likes in Street Fighter 6's World Tour Mode? We've got all of that info right here.

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If you’ve been playing through World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6, you’ve probably realized you can give each character gifts. However, it’s worth recognizing that each character likes some gifts more than others. Want to know how to maximize your friendship with a character in the least amount of gifts (and Zenny) necessary? Then you’ll want to follow our World Tour gift guide to make sure you’re giving the right gifts to the right characters!

World Tour gift guide

Every single character in Street Fighter 6’s roster appears as a possible Master you can meet and become the student of, and maxing out your friendship with them is how you unlock their Outfit 2, among other bonuses. If you’re left guessing at which gifts they like, you could end up spending a lot of Zenny (World Tour’s in-game currency). We’re here to save you time.

Here are the gifts in the game, where to buy them, and which characters like them. It’s worth noting each character also has a unique mission gift, but those require special conditions to unlock depending on the character. There are also gifts that nobody likes in particular, but can boost your rating by a couple points. We will be focusing on the gifts that can be bought from shops that each character actually wants.

Street Fighter 6 gift guide
Gift Where to buy Character
Antique Playing Cards Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica) JP
Bao Bao Bro Sticker Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica) Jamie
Beaujolais Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica) Manon
Canned Herring Shopkeeper Dora (Nayshall) Chun-Li
Celery Chips Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica) Lily
Cold Tomato Soup Fete Foraine Merchant (France) Marisa
Cookbook Thunderfoot Settlement Merchant (Mexico) Ken
Instant Curry (Ultra Mild) Shopkeeper Tsanpa (Nayshall) Dhalsim
Instant Soba Shopkeeper Udon (Metro City) Ryu
Jellied Eel Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica) Cammy
Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica) Blanka
Lukewarm Beer Ranger's Hut Merchant (Brazil) Dee Jay
Natto Genbu Temple Merchant (Japan) Guile
Red Elevator 8 Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica) Luke
Rubber Duckies Colosseo Merchant (Italy) E. Honda
The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica) Kimberly
Wooden Bear Barmaley Steelworks Merchant (Russia) Zangief
Wrench Dhlasimer Temple Merchant (India) Juri

If a favored gift is given to a target character, you will get 5 friendship points, really boosting the rate at which you max out your bond with them.

That covers this gift guide. We really enjoyed Street Fighter 6 in our review, even if World Tour wasn’t our favorite part. Stay tuned for more Street Fighter 6 coverage and updates as they drop, right here at Shacknews!

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