How to unlock Outfit 2 for free - Street Fighter 6

If you don't want to spend real money on Fighter Coins in SF6, then all you need is time to unlock your favorite character's second costume.

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Perhaps you already know, but every single character in Street Fighter 6 has an “Outfit 2,” you can unlock. There are a couple of ways to do it. One is to spend real money on Fighter Coins in the in-game shop to buy the outfits outright at 50 Fighter Coins a piece. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to spend real money, there’s a way to get the costumes for free. If you’ve been playing through the World Tour mode, it’s not even very hard. Check out our guide to learn how.

How to unlock Outfit 2 for free

In order to unlock any character’s second outfit for free in Street Fighter 6, you have to play World Tour mode. From there, you have to meet a character, become their student, and then max out your friendship with them. The toughest part is finding out what a character’s favorite gift is and then raising the Zenny (World Tour’s in-game currency) to buy them lots of it. Fortunately, we have a guide to help you with every character’s favorite gifts.

As for the Zenny, we suggest heading to Nayshall and stopping by the Lowlands to visit Shopkeeper Dora. She sells the Keema Matar meal, which grants a bonus to the money you make from doing side job mini games. You can do any mini game you want to raise your money, but we went with Kung Fu Target on Hard near where Chun-Li hangs out because it’s quick, easy, and gets you over 10,000 Zenny each time if you do it correctly. However, that’s just preference. Most importantly, you’ll want to raise about 100,000 Zenny for your purchases.

After you have the Zenny, go find your target character’s favorite gift. If you have done nothing to improve your friendship with them, it will take about 20 stacks of that gift to max their friendship out. Every instance of you giving a character their favorite gift gets you five points of friendship with them and friendship maxes out at 100, which is what you need to unlock their Outfit 2. So, 20 x 5 = 100.

Cycling colors on Juri's Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6
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In conclusion:

  1. Figure out your target character’s favorite gift
  2. Buy side job bonus food in Nayshall
  3. Play side job mini games to raise Zenny quickly
  4. Buy up to 20 instances of your target character’s favorite gift
  5. Give them the gift repeatedly until their Friendship reaches 100 points

Follow the above steps and you will unlock your target character’s Outfit 2 for free, complete with 10 colors for it.

We absolutely loved Street Fighter 6 in our review, and while World Tour was a lesser experience compared to the rest, it’s still a pretty good time. Be sure to follow our further Street Fighter 6 coverage for more updates and info.

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