Pikmin 4 character creation featured in latest trailer

The latest trailer for Pikmin 4 showed how we'll be able to make our own space cadet to save Captain Olimar and the Rescue Team.


In previous Pikmin games, we generally had a star character or two taking up the reins of the adventure, but it looks like Pikmin 4’s hero will be one of the player’s creation. Nintendo just released the latest trailer for Pikmin 4 and this one shows off the character creator in the game, as well as sharing that our own created space cadet will be the star of the show in the latest game.

Nintendo shared the latest trailer for Pikmin 4 showing off its character creator on June 6, 2023. The trailer gives us a look at how we’ll be able to change up our face, nose, spacesuit, skin color, and other features to make the cadet of our choosing. It goes on to say that we’re an up-and-comer in the Rescue Team. Unfortunately, we’re also the only hope of the Rescue Team which was sent to save Captain Olimar after he crashed on a planet and ended up crashing on the same planet themselves. It’s up to our created hero to fly down to the planet and gather up our friends in a presumably Pikmin-loaded adventure.

Pikmin 4 character creator
Pikmin 4's character creator will let you craft the space cadet that will be the hero of your adventure in the game.
Source: Nintendo

Character creators have been a big thing in recent major Nintendo games. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate allowed us to make our own Mii Fighter, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe allowed us to race as our Mii in a number of Amiibo-powered outfits and vehicles, and Splatoon, up to and including Splatoon 3, has always allowed players to craft their own Inkling to engage in the fierce online Splatfests. With Pikmin 4 going a similar route, it looks like we’ll get to enjoy the journey with a hero of our own design this time around.

Pikmin 4 is slated for release on the Nintendo Switch in July 2023. As we get closer to that launch, stay tuned for further updates and news on the game right here at Shacknews.

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