Pikmin 4 explores a new frontier with July release date

Pikmin 4 will be one of Nintendo's big summer releases and is bringing along some new companions.


Wednesday's Nintendo Direct kicked off with a new look at the upcoming Pikmin 4. As some have speculated, this does not appear to be Olimar leading the lovable helper creatures, but an entirely new protagonist. Meanwhile, many of the classic Pikmin are back for another round, alongside some new faces like Ice Pikmin. There's even a little doggo, who can help out by dragging corpses or acting as a barge for the smaller Pikmin.

First revealed back during the September 2022 Nintendo Direct, Pikmin 4 will follow a new crew embarking on a journey across an unexplored planet. While the actual crew members don't all have names yet, their helpful space dog does. His name is Oatchi and besides being a good boy, he can travel with the party, crash through obstacles, and helpfully carry Pikmin across harrowing environments.

As for Pikmin varieties, players got to look at the classic Red, Yellow, and Blue types to go along with the Ice Pikmin, which can freeze enemies and create some new ways to get around.

Ice Pikmin from Pikmin 4

Source: Nintendo

Pikmin 4 looks to be one of Nintendo's major pillars for this coming summer season. The game is set to release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 21.

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