Apple reveals macOS Sonoma at WWDC 2023

Look for new personalization options in the upcoming macOS Sonoma update.


Monday's WWDC keynote from Apple continued with the reveal of the new MacOS. With the introduction of a slew of new features, Apple announced macOS Sonoma.

The latest edition of macOS contains new features, which includes widgets that can be placed anywhere on the user's screen. The widgets will automatically shift their colors and backgrounds to acclimate themselves to the user's wallpaper in order to maintain visual flair and legibility.

However, the more relevant feature for the gaming audience involves a new Game Mode, which will help ensure that video games running on Macbooks can utilize the device's CPU and GPU power to reduce display lag and improve overall performance. Apple is making a bigger push to court game creators, even going so far as to introduce Hideo Kojima, who revealed that Death Stranding Director's Cut was in development for Mac. As with other non-PlayStation versions of the game, it is being published by 505 Games.

An overview of the features coming to macOS Sonoma.

Source: Apple

The new macOS Sonoma makes a further push for user privacy. Safari will receive an update to its private browsing mode, which will lock the browser window, block trackers from loading, and remove any URL trackers. Multiple users can also set up profiles, just in case more than one person is on the same Mac or Macbook.

Look for macOS Sonoma to release at some point in the future. A developer beta is going out today, and a public beta is expected later this month. Apple will determine a release date from there. We're keeping up with the Apple WWDC 2023 keynote as it goes, so keep it on Shacknews for the latest updates and a full recap once it's over.

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