Bulletstorm for VR announced at Meta Quest Showcase 2023

Get ready to practice your Skillshots in VR as Bulletstorm VR storms onto the Meta Quest.

People Can Fly

Few expected to see the name "Bulletstorm" surface in 2023, but the first-person shooter from People Can Fly appears to be making a comeback, this time in virtual reality. During Thursday's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, a new entry in the series appropriately titled Bulletstorm VR was announced for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

Original developer People Can Fly will take on the role of publisher for Bulletstorm VR. Development duties are being passed down to Incuvo, known for their work on Green Hell VR. Just like in the original Bulletstorm, Skillshots are the name of the game. Players will travel to the planet Stygia and face off against hordes of mutant enemies. While it's possible to shoot these enemies full of bullets, that's boring! You're boring everyone! Quit boring everyone! Instead, players are encouraged to dispatch their foes in new and exciting ways, whether it's by sending them flying into chasms or through something with a little more Looney Tunes-like panache.

Bulletstorm was first released in 2011 and wound up becoming a cult hit. While a sequel was sadly canceled in 2012, talks of a new entry have occasionally surfaced. A remastered version of the original game called Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition was released back in 2017 and later released on Nintendo Switch with Duke Nukem in tow. Bulletstorm VR represents the first new step forward in the franchise, and hopefully, it's a sign of things to come.

Key art for Bulletstorm VR

Source: People Can Fly

Bulletstorm VR is coming to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro later in 2023. We're continuing to watch the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase for today's biggest announcements. Look for a full recap once the presentation is over.

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