Minecraft Trails & Tales Update gets June release date

Minecraft's 1.20 patch will usher in the big Trails & Tales Update and introduce a lot of new stuff to Mojang's ongoing classic.

Mojang Studios

The team at Mojang has been building to Minecraft's 1.20 update for almost a year. The time to dive into the Trails & Tales Update is now at hand. The studio announced that Minecraft would deploy its long-anticipated 1.20 update in just a few short weeks and will introduce a slew of new features to the block-based world builder.

A lot is coming in the Trails & Tails Update, as noted by the Minecraft website. This includes the all-new cherry grove biome, which introduces a handful of new supply types to pick up. Players will soon be able to collect bamboo and cherry to use in their various crafting recipes, the latter of which will add some new color to their landscapes.

Two new mobs are coming to Minecraft 1.20. As noted back at Minecraft Live 2022, the first of these mobs is the camel. The camel can fit two riders, but it's also tall enough that aggressive mobs won't be able to reach them. The second mob is the sniffer, which was added in the Minecraft Live 2022 community vote. Players can raise sniffers from their egg state and then raise them to assist with finding helpful plants.

Hanging signs in Minecraft's Trails & Tales Update

Source: Mojang Studios

Other major features in the Trails & Tales Update include the ability to dig for archeological finds, armor trims, and the ability to hang signs. There will be a lot of new things to do in the next Minecraft update, and players will be able to check it out in just a few weeks. The Trails & Tales Update hits all versions of Minecraft on Thursday, June 7, which will coincide with the game's all-new Chromebook release.

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