Minecraft 1.20 adds rafts, signs, and camels

Watch out, they spit!


There's a lot that's coming with Minecraft's upcoming 1.20 update. The team at Mojang went into great detail during Saturday's Minecraft Live presentaion, giving players a look at some new crafting materials and a fun new mob.

The most noteworthy inclusion in the Minecraft 1.20 update is a friendly new mob: the camel. This is different from the Horse in several ways. For one thing, the camel can be found in desert environments. The camel is a tall drink of water, so those who ride on top of it can take comfort in knowing that aggressive mobs cannot reach them. It's also big enough for two riders.

Builders will be excited to hear that a new wood set is on its way. Bamboo can be used to build planks, doors, or even entire structures. Want to build a bamboo hut? You can do that! The most interesting application of the bamboo will involve building rafts, which is another Minecraft first. The raft is a new boat variant that will allow users to leisurely paddle down a quiet river. Just watch out for those waterfalls.

Other features included in Minecraft 1.20 are hanging signs, which will add a new degree of customization. One might not think of labels as very exciting, but when you're looking to put a personal stamp on something, the hanging sign proves very useful. Chiseled bookshelves will allow players to store their books, offering easy access to their various tomes. Redstone can even be used on these bookshelves to create secret passages.

Minecraft 1.20 preview coming soon

Source: Mojang

There's no date for the Minecraft 1.20 update's release, but its features will be available for early access soon. Mojang is promising details on the various 1.20 features making their way into Minecraft's beta/snapshot/preview update over the next week. You can learn more about Minecraft 1.20 over on the Minecraft website. For all the other big news from Saturday's show, be sure to check out the Minecraft Live 2022 topic page.

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