Zen Studios on Pinball FX's Steam launch, licensing, & subscription service

Marketing director Akos Gyorkei joined us to talk about the latest in the Pinball FX franchise, including working with Williams and the Pinball Pass subscription.


Zen Studios has been giving players numerous and diverse pinball experiences through the Pinball FX series for many years. Through these games, the company has grown, developed partners and gained licenses for popular media-themed pinball tables, and even developed a subscription service that lets players access a huge collection of virtual tables. Recently, Zen Studios released Pinball FX on Steam, as well as numerous other platforms, and we caught up to Zen Studios marketing director Akos Gyorkei to talk about everything going on in Pinball FX right now.

Gyorkei spoke to our own Greg Burke about licensing for new Pinball FX virtual tables, how those partnerships came together, and some fun stories about what went into designing some of its licensed tables. In particular, Gyorkei had a good story about how an Alien pinball table came together. More than that, Gyorkei also spoke at length about partnering with the Williams gaming company and creating virtual versions of their real-life pinball machines for play in Pinball FX.

Maybe one of the more interesting offerings from Pinball FX right now is the Pinball Pass. It’s a subscription service that lets players access a wide variety of Pinball FX tables, including many of the aforementioned Williams pinball machines, and quite a few of the licensed tables as well. Gyorkei goes into details on how the Pinball Pass came together and how it has rolled out so far, including future plans for the service.

You can check out Pinball FX on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S now. Want more videos like this Pinball FX interview? Be sure to check out our YouTube channels at Shacknews and ShacknewsInterviews, where you’ll find our latest video interviews, gameplay, unboxings, and more on the newest video games, technology, and toys.

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From The Chatty
    • reply
      May 25, 2023 3:34 PM

      Every time I see this companies name come up I will continue to post how absolute bullshit it is that I have no way to transfer my tables from the ps4 to the ps5 version, even though the client is the same. I will never give them another cent.

      • reply
        May 26, 2023 8:19 AM

        That is above and beyond their normal bullshit for sure. Does anyone else get away with crap like that on the PlayStation ecosystem with cross generational releases and addons?

        I'm still annoyed with them taking away PC ultrawide support which was in early access for FX and removed when it launched for real on Steam and such a few months back. Worked fine and then they just removed that functionality entirely right at the end. I'm probably only one of dozens affected by this by having a rotatable mount for my ultrawide to play pinball in full 9:21, but it still stinks.

        Thankfully, using windows/nvidia portrait orientation instead of the game still makes it work (for now), but the game's own rotate options themselves letterbox it to 9:16, and landscape is always pillarboxed to 16:9 no matter what.

    • reply
      May 26, 2023 7:34 AM

      Good they’re finally offering a 50% discount for existing pack owners. Still a bit pricey, the 6 Williams packs come to £50. I’ll wish list then to grab on sale, not like there’s any rush.

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