WrestleQuest delayed to summer as new demo enters the ring

WrestleQuest won't make its anticipated May release date, but it looks it'll still be ready in time for WWE Summerslam.

Skybound Games

WrestleQuest had hoped to step into the squared circle at some point in May. However, it's likely that the team at Mega Cat Studios watched WWE Backlash and determined that they couldn't follow that Bad Bunny street fight, so they've decided to keep their upcoming pro wrestling RPG in the oven just a little longer. While it won't be as delayed as the start of a Cody Rhodes world title run, Mega Cat Studios nonetheless announced on Monday that WrestleQuest will miss its May release date and instead release at some point this summer.

WrestleQuest delayed to Summer 2023

Source: @MegaCatStudios on Twitter

Here's the message from the Mega Cat Studios Twitter account:

Friends, wrestlers, and cat aficionados, we come bearing updates!

We cannot wait for you all to finally jump in and explore all of WrestleQuest. After 4 years, a 200k+ original word count, many powerbombs to settle disputes, and countless gallons of baby oil, we're down to the final stretch of development.

The wrestle-cats have been busy, performing multiple focus groups and gathering hours of playtesting feedback to get the game to style and profile. The added time has allowed us to go back to our wishlist and add in new and improved features like an entirely redone UI, accessibility options, a fully updated world map, enhanced visuals, more sweat, and a gorilla press quantity of game balancing. With 50+ hours of gameplay content, it is something we are incredibly proud of, and we are eager to share WrestleQuest with the world.

As we raced towards the May 2023 finish line to bring this giant of a game up to our standard across all platforms, we also secured a new partnership we are extremely excited about. Unfortunately, this development also resulted in certain issues outside of our control. As such, we wanted to get an update out to everyone that has continued to wave their foam fingers in anticipation.

After discussions with Skybound, we agreed we will be moving the launch of the game to this summer. We are expecting to announce the official shiny new confirmed date later this month. While we are disappointed that we couldn’t share the entirety of WrestleQuest with you sooner like we hoped, we firmly believe this is the right choice with respect to our players and the sweat, sweat, and more sweat we have poured into building the best game we have ever made. We can’t wait to get your hands on it!

Sweat and Love,
Mega Cat Studios

However, the news isn't all bad. The Steam Sports Fest is starting up this week and WrestleQuest will be a part of it. Look for a new and updated demo to be available from now through Monday, May 22. That should give players a taste of the game that reaches beyond our hands-on previews.

Publisher Skybound has invested significantly in WrestleQuest and developer Mega Cat Studios, so there's a vested interest in giving the team ample time to polish this up. We'll look for it to release later this summer. Keep it on Shacknews for any further updates.

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