How the Playzing crosses a gaming consoles and a toaster oven

KFC may not have been serious about a console that also cooks chicken, but developer Frank DeMarco is.


Ever want a console to play your video games, but also one to cook up something that's finger licking good? Often times, the best products are the ones that nobody asked for and that just might be the case with the Playzing portable entertainment device, a cross between a gaming console and a toaster oven. To learn more, we spoke with developer Frank DeMarco.

"It is a toaster oven," DeMarco explains to Shacknews. "It has a video game device attached to it and it has one launch title. What you do with it is you put food into the toaster oven, you toast your food, and as you're playing the game, you feel that food toasting, and at the end, you eat the food."

DeMarco goes into his history of selling chicken nuggets at various gaming events and transitioning into a full-blown gaming unit. He also discussed an April Fools joke from KFC, one that had many people debating whether it would become real. Once DeMarco found out that it was, indeed, an April Fools joke, he set out to make it a reality.

Visit the Playzing website to learn more details about this bizarre creation. For more interviews like this, head over to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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