Nex developers on creating a motion-tracking gaming platform utilizing any smartphone

We met with the developers of Nex at GDC 2023 to talk about how the technology is being used to develop motion-tracking games and applications.


Nex is a leading developer in motion-tracking entertainment and it is currently building a platform and development kit that will allow developers worldwide to create motion-control and haptic enabled games and applications. We were able to catch up to the Nex developers at GDC 2023 and talk to them about how the development kit has come together, the foundation on which the technology works, and what developers can do with what the tech offers.

Nex Team Co-founder and CEO David Lee was on hand to speak to the Nex technology and developer kit during our time at GDC 2023. The software has been in development for some time and now allows app and game developers to create various experiences utilizing the technology. At the core of Nex is a Unity foundation, meaning that if a developer has experience creating games and apps in Unity, they will likely be able to bring that knowledge to Nex.

That said, the technology itself is also looking rather impressive. According to Lee, Nex’s motion-tracking is capable of allowing for up to four players to play an app simultaneously. In addition to that, the technology is also capable of reading movements in the room and deciphering which people are playing and which are not. While the development kit and software can work with various cameras such as smartphones and tablets, Nex is also developing a standalone console that will feature its own camera and controllers. Nex games are also coming to Mac and PC later this year. You can learn more at the Nex website.

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