Breachers studio founder talks about making a 5v5 tactical shooter for VR

Breachers has brought the popular 5v5 tactical shooter to virtual reality. To learn more, we spoke with Triangle Factory founder and CEO Timothy Vanherberghen.


There's a lot that has to go right to create a 5v5 tactical shooter that's high quality and stands out in a crowded genre. It looks like the team at Triangle Factory have come up with something solid, offering players some tight tactical gameplay in the VR gaming space. To learn more about Breachers, we spoke with Triangle Factory founder and CEO Timothy Vanherberghen.

"Breachers, I would describe it as if Counter-Strike and [Rainbow Six] Siege made a baby in virtual reality," Vanherberghen told Shacknews. "It's basically a tactical 5-vs-5 shooter where you either play as a defending team or the attacking team and you really have to play very tactically using a lot of gadgets, weapon customizations, and tactics to actually reach your objectives."

Vanherberghen goes into the challenges involved in creating a shooter like this in a VR space and designing it while minimizing many of the discomforts that players have when using virtual reality. He also talks about making it stand out from some of the other tactical shooters in the crowded genre space.

VR enthusiasts may want to give Breachers a look. It's available now on PC and a VR headset is required. The game's first patch has been deployed to help make way for what Triangle Factory hopes will be a long line of updates for the game. For more interviews like this, visit Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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