Dolby on bringing HDR and ATMOS to consumers

While predominantly known for its audio technology, Dolby has also spent a lot of time in the visual space.


When it comes to audio technology, few names are as recognized as Dolby. The company’s logo is seen just about everywhere, from movies to video games. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Justin McCully, Director of Game Developer Relations at Dolby, about the company’s focus on audio as well as its work in the visual space. Take a look at the interview below.

“I think a lot of people know Dolby for the audio side of things but we’ve definitely been a visuals journey here now for about ten years,” said McCully “With Dolby Vision, it’s our high dynamic range technology in phones, tablets, televisions, monitors, laptops; incredible precision detail, incredible dynamic range, black color gamut. It’s a game-changer for interactive.”

For the longest time, HDR technology was seen as limited to only high-end products. The team at Dolby is looking to push back against this as they attempt to expand the accessibility of the technology.

Beyond the visuals, Dolby is also making new ground in the audio space. McCully goes into how audio can really lift an experience and help raise players’ awareness, improving their reaction times and more. The interview is packed full of information so spare a few more minutes and check it out. You can find more interviews from GDC on the GamerHubTV YouTube channel and exclusive gameplay and more on the Shacknews channel.

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