Kerbal Space Program 2 Art Director talks object creation and what's next for KSP2

We learn more about what's coming to Kerbal Space Program 2 from Intercept Games Art Director Kristina Ness.


The charm in the Kerbal Space Program games has mainly come from its mix of lovably cartoonish characters and real-world science gathered from decades of space travel research. Kerbal Space Program 2 is continuing to push players to the outer reaches of the cosmos and its efforts include the crafting of real life objects. To learn more, we spoke with Intercept Games Art Director Kristina Ness.

Ness goes into her background as a former NASA intern, her years of work as an environmental artist, and her enthusiasm for space travel and sci-fi. She also discusses how Unity has allowed the team to approach new in-game scenarios and also learn from Unity's staff of employees. She goes into the KSP 2 Early Access Roadmap and the upcoming additions of Science Mode, re-entry effects, and colonies.

It's a long road ahead for Kerbal Space Program 2, as Intercept Games hopes to add interstellar travel and competitive multiplayer in the months ahead. The game is currently available as a Steam Early Access title. For more interviews like this, be sure to visit Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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