Grounded gets new base building, objects to build & adds wasps to the nightmare fuel

A new base building process and new building items will let players customize their micro pad like never before, all while fighting off stinging horrors.

There’s are few things quite like a major Grounded update. They always bring all sorts of fun stuff, as well as usually some dreadful new fauna to contend with in our miniaturized forms. Such is the case with the big “super duper” Update 1.2. Not only does this update bring an overhaul to the building system and a ton of new buildable objects to customize your base with, but it also brings wasps and their nests into play, putting an aggressive and stinging new threat to the skies above you.

Obsidian Entertainment shared the full details of the Grounded 1.2 with a new trailer and a Steam developer update. This update brings along a new building system in the form of Coziness. The cozier you build your base, the more benefits it will have for you, like reducing hunger and thirst drain. You can even unlock cozier variations of building objects you have to increase coziness further. That comes alongside around 100 more building objects to truly personalize your base in fun and unique ways.

It's not all cozy comfy, though. In addition to cool base-building additions and coziness, wasps have invaded the yard and established a nest in the Upper Yard area. Mess with them too much and you’ll invite the hive’s full wrath as these swooping, stinging horrors beset you. That said, those brave and equipped enough to fight off the wasps can get their hands on new armor and trinket recipes, and even break into the nest to meet the new boss creature, the Wasp Queen. Venture in if you dare. 

There are also plenty of further additions and improvements to check out in Grounded Update 1.2. We’ve had plenty of fun with Grounded off and on Big Team Building and expect we will probably continue to have a blast with the new base-building. We’ll probably steer clear of the wasps for a bit, but you don’t have to. Grounded Update 1.2 is out on all available platforms.

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