Interview with Digital Sun on creating The Mageseeker with Riot Forge

An interview with Digital Sun CEO Javier Giménez on the creation of The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story.


The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is a brand new action RPG set within the League of Legends universe. It comes courtesy of developer Digital Sun, creators of the highly acclaimed Moonlighter.

Curious to learn more about the game’s development and inspirations, Shacknews’ own Greg Burke recently synced up with Digital Sun CEO Javier Giménez to dig even deeper into the game’s creation, including what it was like working with Riot Forge to create a game based around League of Legends.

Opening the interview, Greg asks Javier to elaborate more on what The Mageseeker is, and how it takes place within the League of Legends universe but also offers unique gameplay and a unique story. Addressing this, Javier explains that the game “takes place in Runeterra, specifically in the Kingdom of Demacia, and it tells the story of Sylas which is one of the League champions, and he’s a mage that used to be part of the Mageseekers.”

Screenshot from The Mageseeker showing some of the pixel art style from developer Digital Sun
© Digital Sun

Explaining further, Javier notes that Sylas was in prison for 15 years and that “after he is released from jail — well, he escaped from jail — he’s looking for revenge.” With developer Digital Sun known for its pixel art, Greg asks Javier what this opened up creatively for the team in making The Mageseeker.

In response, Javier notes the fact that they had the opportunity to pitch games to Riot Forge due to the team’s previous game, Moonlighter, being something that Riot Forge really liked.

Overall, it’s a really enlightening interview on the creation of The Mageseeker and how Digital Suns transitioned from a game like Moonlighter to something a bit more serious in tone, and connected to the League of Legends universe.

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