Blasphemous 2 shows off new weapons & gets summer 2023 release window

The Game Kitchen and Team17 are bringing The Penitent One back this summer for a deadly new hack-and-slash adventure.


In 2019, The Game Kitchen floored gamers with the blood-drenched, religious guilt-ridden hack-and-slash known as Blasphemous. This upcoming summer, the studio is returning with a sequel to that intense and popular title in Blasphemous 2. During the recent Nintendo Indie World presentation, we got an extended look at the game, which included new weapons we’ll be able to wield against foes, as well as the summer release window for the game.

Blasphemous 2 was shown in a lengthy new trailer during the Nintendo Indie World showcase on April 19, 2023. During the showcase, we received the summer 2023 release window for the game. Currently, Blasphemous 2 is slated only for release on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. Given that the original eventually came to PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well, we expect that more consoles will be confirmed closer to the summer window.

Blasphemous 2 summer 2023 release window on Nintendo Switch
Blasphemous 2 will come to Nintendo Switch, PC, and other platforms sometime in summer 2023.
Source: Nintendo

In addition to the release window, we also got a look a variety of new weapons The Penitent One will be able to use in his crusade. The War Sensor is a new hammer-like weapon that swings slow, but delivers devastating damage to the enemies unfortunate enough to be struck by it. It can also strike objects in the environment to reveal secrets. Meanwhile, the Rapier and Dagger are quick and nimble weapons that allow the player to strike and evade with pinpoint precision. With it, player can also dash through mirrors to access otherwise unreachable areas. Finally, the Praying Blade offers deadly slicing attacks, and powerful combos to cut enemies apart. It can be used to destroy environmental objects and open new paths. Each will have its own skill tree full of abilities to discover.

With these weapons revealed and Blasphemous set for this coming summer, stay tuned for further updates and a concrete release date as they become available.

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