League of Legends Patch 13.8 notes adds after-match reporting & nerfs Sol again

Adjusting Aurelion Sol since his rework has proven to be difficulty for Riot, but at least we can report toxic players after matches now.

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That dang cosmic dragon continues to be a tough balance for Riot Games to strike in League of Legends if the latest patch notes are to be believed. Patch 13.8 is launching and it brings another nerf to Aurelion Sol since his rework. However, there’s more than that. If you’ve ever been frustrating by leaving a post-match before reporting a toxic player, that’s changing. As of League of Legends Patch 13.8, we can report players even after the post-match. Check out the full breakdown of notes here.

League of Legends Patch 13.8 notes

League of Legends Patch 13.8 snapshot
Aurelion Sol saw another nerf in League of Legends Patch 13.8, as well as the report system being extended beyond post-match screens.
Source: Riot Games

Riot Games launched League of Legends Patch 13.8 and its accompanying notes on April 18, 2023. The big highlight of these notes would probably have to be the new post-match reporting system. Previously, players were only able to report toxic players in the post-match screen. If you left before you did, you were simply out of luck. Now, you can go ahead and file that report anyways by going to your match history, bringing up the offending player, and clicking on the new report function there.

That’s not all. There were quite a few new adjustments to champions in Patch 13.8. Aurelion Sol has seemingly still been a pain in the butt at all levels for his insane scaling. Riot is attempting to make him more paper thin with a health and armor scaling reduction. He’ll get less boosts of each per level. That’s not all though. Kayn, Jarvan IV, Malphite, and Rakan also saw nerfs. Meanwhile, characters like Garen, Leona, Ezreal, and even Lillia saw buffs, with the latter now gaining more health from damaging monsters with her abilities.

Being able to report players after post-match screens should help those who absent-mindedly forget to report in the heat of the moment. Now it can be done when you feel like it. Be sure to check out the full League of Legends Patch 13.8 notes to learn more and check out other changes.

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