American McGee asks fans to stop asking about Alice following failed pitch to EA

The game designer shared that he would like some time away from the Alice franchise and questions associated with it.


American McGee’s Alice series is seemingly completely dead for now as far as Electronic Arts is concerned, and McGee doesn’t really want to talk about it anymore. Despite plenty of outreach and concern for the game developer, American McGee recently shared that while EA has the rights to the IP, there’s little that can be done unless they change their mind, and he’s looking to get some time and space away from the franchise to recuperate from recently failed pitch for a new game in the series.

McGee shared concrete details of his current state regarding Alice in an update on his Patreon. There, McGee shared that while disappointed, he was fine and set himself emotionally to deal with Electronic Arts rejecting his crowdsourced pitch for a new Alice game from the get-go. However, he followed up in saying he doesn’t really want to field anymore questions about Alice or his involvement with the franchise for the foreseeable future.

American McGee on what he will be doing with his time away from Alice and game development.
With COVID lockdowns lifting, McGee has said he will use time away from game development and the Alice franchise to go sailing in different parts of the world and refresh himself.
Source: American McGee

McGee goes on to say that while he has no qualms about anyone doing anything with Alice, it’s the commerciality and EA’s hold on the IP that make the matter more complicated

“I'd really love it if people could stop asking me questions about "Alice" in general,” McGee wrote. “The rights are very simple - EA owns Alice and they control it. If you want to do something with the IP, you are free to do that - just like you are with all other IPs - but you get into trouble when you start trying to sell the stuff you create. Additional questions on this stuff should be directed at EA. I really want some space from ‘Alice’ and questions related to it.”

And so, it seems we won’t be seeing a new Alice game or discussion from McGee himself anytime soon, especially since McGee announced the pitch rejection marked the end of his time in game development for now. Shacknews will follow this story in the event of a change or update.

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    • reply
      April 17, 2023 11:57 AM

      Wait, so he had a patreon to fund this game and wants people who paid into it to stop asking?

      Originally I was gonna say he could just not answer those people but then decided to read the article and that detail makes that response less appropriate.

      • reply
        April 17, 2023 12:59 PM

        I think the patreon was to fund the work to get the pitch in place, not necessarily for the game...I looked it up and he does say "thanks for the memories, this isn't going anywhere" and lowered to a $1/month pledge that supports the discord and the hosting for the assets created and shared

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