Every reveal from the April 13 Final Fantasy 16 State of Play

The Sony State of Play for Final Fantasy 16 showcased exciting new gameplay, returning Eikon abilities, Chocobo riding, and much more.


The Sony State of Play for Final Fantasy 16 had a whole lot to show. The 25-minute look at the game dove deep into the latest entry of the acclaimed series, giving players a look at the all-action gameplay, insight into Eikon abilities, as well as more information on the story-focused mode and what looked like some Panzer Dragoon-inspired combat. Here’s what you might have missed from the reveal.

The Sony State of Play for Final Fantasy 16 took place on April 13, 2023. The livestream reveal lasted about 25 minutes and was hosted by Producer Naoki Yoshida. Right away, the reveal detailed the fusion of action and real-time RPG features that fans can expect. This looks to be the first, fully action game in the franchise, forgoing the series’ history of turn-based strategy.

Playing as Clive, the story follows this new character across three ages: his teenage years, his twenties, and into his thirties. It sounds as though the primary focus will be Clive’s twenties, while his teenage years are playable as flashbacks.

The map screen from Final Fantasy 16

Source: Square Enix

As you might expect, traveling across this new world is handled via a world map, with locations being added as you progress through the game. During the livestream, this is where players got a look at the in-game menu tabs, which included the Map, Journal, Items, Attributes, Gear & Eikons, Abilities, and the standard System.

The Gear & Eikons are of significant interest, as the game will let players equip and use abilities of familiar summons. Any long-time players may recognize a few of the names uttered during the trailer including Ifrit, Shiva, and others. Another helpful gameplay element is that should you be uncertain about your next unlock, there is an option to let the game auto-select abilities for you.

Clive rides a Chocobo through a desert, a massive hole is in the background with water streaming into it

Source: Square Enix

While the video highlighted a lot of fighting and action, it offered some insight into other activities in the world, including an iconic means of transportation. Players will be pleased to hear that Chocobo riding is definitely a thing in Final Fantasy 16, with Clive seemingly using the feathery friend to move quickly around the vast and various environments.

Clive feeds Torgal a treat

Source: Square Enix

Whether you want a challenge or choose the story-focused mode, all players will be spending some time in Cid’s Hideaway, completing side quests and meeting new characters. Some of these characters will join Clive on his adventures, assisting him in combat. But most importantly, Clive has a furry companion called Torgal, a wolf who is there to help in battle and can be given treats!

But what really caught our eye during the Final Fantasy 16 presentation was the Eikon versus Eikon battles. Players take on the form or appear to control one of the mighty Eikons and fight another Eikon in Panzer Dragoon-style combat. These encounters are massive and varied, featuring different styles of gameplay for each one.

Final Fantasy 16 is slated for a June 22, 2023 release date on PlayStation 5. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you the latest information about the game between now and release as well as post-launch coverage.

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