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Where to find each lore book collectible in the Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2.


There are 10 lore book collectibles to find in Root of Nightmares. The majority of these are earned by finding spherical objects on the ground while a few come from the secret chests. Finding all the lore entries and collectibles is required to unlock the coveted Root of Nightmares Title.

Root of Nightmares lore books

Before you begin, remember to activate Nezarec’s bonus chest. This will allow you to get one lore book. There are three books to get from this chest, one per week. Below is each lore book, in the order that you’ll encounter it in the raid. This is all a part of unlocking the Root of Nightmares Title, Dream Warrior.

Lore book 1

Before you begin, make sure you use the above link to summon Nezarec’s bonus red border chest.

The player stands in the gulley in front of a statue near the first lore book in Root of Nightmares

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The first lore book is at the start of the raid, before the first encounter (Cataclysm), in the big valley in front of the statue. From the start, continue along the walkway with the big drop on the right. As you approach where the reference node flower spawns, drop down into the valley on the right. The node is on the ground near the foot of the statue.

Lore book 2

A branch winds from one side to the other in the raid, an arrow points to the direction of the lore entry

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The next lore book is on the way to the second encounter, Scission. The path will have a branch that bends over to the other side, where part of the platform juts out. Cross the branch and instead of going up the stairs, look to the right of the stairs.

Players fight up a set of stairs and an arrow points around the corner

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Don't go up the stairs, instead, turn right and look for the collectible on top of a block.

Lore book 3

The player stands on a branch, looking back at the way they just came, an arrow points to the next lore book
Cross the gap using the piston and then follow the branch back to the same side. The lore book is by the amber.
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This book is on the way to Scission, the second encounter. Climb the stairs just after the previous lore book and use the piston at the end of the walkway to get to the other side. Branches will twist from weave from side to side. Walk across the branch to find a large section in the wall with creatures trapped in amber. The collectible is on the ground by some rubble.

Lore book 4

Three holes in the wall of the raid with an arrow pointing to the middle one
Jump through the middle hole and defeat all the enemies to reach the secret chest.
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Another lore entry is in the first secret chest on the way to the second encounter, Scission. This chest is located through one of three holes in the wall of the chasm. As you cross over using the piston at the end of the walkway, climb the branches and look for the three holes in the wall. Jump into the middle one and fight through to the chest.

Lore book 5

The player looks at a tower at the top of the zigzagging stairs
The secret chest is directly opposite the building pictured here. Turn around and look over the side of the area. Shoot the node that's over the edge to open the locked door.
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This next lore book is from the second secret chest. When you reach the pulsing Darkness jumping puzzle, work your way to the section where you must climb up the zigzagging stairs. At the top, look over the edge toward Nezarec’s tomb to spot a resonance node. Shoot the node, turn around, and go through the door that just opened in the building opposite the direct you must travel to proceed.

Lore book 6

The player looks at a building at the top of the zigzagging stairs. The building is circled.
The lore entry is overlooking the area.
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This lore book is found opposite the second secret chest on the way to the third encounter, Explicator of Planets. It is located in the pulsing Darkness jumping puzzle, at the top of the area with all the stairs that criss-cross back and forth up the sides of the gully.

Inside a building with one doorway circled
The door on the left leads to the balcony where the lore entry sits.
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Go inside the building, climb the stairs, and go through the door at the top to find it overlooking the area.

Lore book 7

A building with seven holes in the wall, one of them is circled
Jump through the lower hole in the wall and climb over the slanted obstruction to reach the lore collectible.
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This lore book is on the way to Nezarec, found through one of the seven small holes in the wall. Go through the hole  that’s second from the right. Go straight up to the room with the branch blocking the door. The collectible is on the ground in some rubble.

Lore books 8, 9, and 10

These three lore books are awarded when you open Nezarec’s bonus chest. Check out the linked guide to see how to open this one. Once Nezarec is defeated, you’ll find a second chest that is guaranteed to give you a red border (Deepsight) weapon and a lore book. You can get one lore book a week.

With all ten lore books collected in Root of Nightmares, you’ll be one step closer to acquiring the Title, Dream Warrior. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more raid collectibles and Title walkthroughs.

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