Hunt: Showdown dev talks new maps, possible TV series, and more

To celebrate Hunt: Showdown's 5 year anniversary, we sat down with the David Fifield to talk about how far the game has come and what lies ahead.


Hunt: Showdown practically pioneered the extraction shooter genre when it released way back in 2018. Since then, it has spread to other platforms, expanded its armory and bestiary, and has recently celebrated its five year anniversary. We had to learn more about the game, from what goes into monster designs to the core themes, so we reached out and chatted with David Fifield, the General Manager of Hunt: Showdown. Please take a look at the interview below!

For those not in the know, Hunt: Showdown tasks players with entering a Louisiana-inspired map as a team of three to hunt down a terrible monster. By collecting clues, players will slowly track down its lair, where they’ll hopefully dispatch it. All that’s left is to extract safely, but there’s one problem, the match will have other players trying to do the exact same thing as you. It’s here where Hunt really shines, as players battle not only the monsters, but one another.

As Fifield notes, the formula of Hunt: Showdown isn’t about ensuring every single team is perfectly balanced against one another with their gear. There’s a thrill to be had in coming up against another player that is better equipped, outplaying them, and deciding whether to strip them of their gear, taking it for yourself, or keep your own trusted weapons.

It sounds as though, over the next few years, Hunt could expand to see even more monsters and lore from international origins. “We’re pretty serious about this grim horror that’s set in the 1890s; we want to embrace that theme of the American south,” Fifield says. “Though, we’re also considering some of the international aspects and the concept that things like what are going on there in Louisiana could be happening elsewhere in the world.” 

Fifield goes into many other topics, including the aesthetics of Hunt: Showdown. It’s important to the developers that when a player sees a screenshot, they can clearly say, “Oh, that came from Hunt.” Beyond that, it sounds like the team is chomping at the bit to explore the Hunt: Showdown world outside of the video game, in other mediums, but things are still in the early discussion stages. There’s so much packed into the interview so make sure you watch it all!

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