Make Something Wonderful Steve Jobs memoir coming to digital platforms on April 11

You'll be able to read through the memoir for free online starting April 11.


Nearly 12 years have come and gone since Apple co-founder, chairman, and CEO, Steve Jobs, passed away. Given how notable of a figure he was during his life, quite a lot has been written by others about the life and career highlights of Steve Jobs. However, these biographies aren’t written by Jobs fully in his own words.

In order to offer an experience like this, a small group of family, friends, and former colleagues have collected statements and things shared by Jobs during his 56 years of life to create the “Make Something Wonderful: Steve Jobs in his own words” biography. Not only will this be a great way for people to dig even deeper into Jobs’ history in his own words, it’ll also be available for free online starting April 11.

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According to Jobs’ wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, there was a desire for people to hear wisdom directly from her husband as opposed to outside sources. “He has been written about, but this is actually his writing and his work, so there’s no intermediary” she explained, as quoted by The Washington Post. Jobs’ wife also mentions that a memoir wasn’t something he necessarily intended to take the time to do.

“That was never something that he intended to take the amount of time it would require to do,” Laurene Powell Jobs said. “One never knows, as life goes on, whether there would be a desire for that.” Adding to this, Disney CEO Bob Iger mentions that he’d suggested Jobs sit down in front of a camera and tell his story, but he never got around to doing it.

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As outlined by sources like The Washington Post, the memoir will feature chronologically organized notes and drafts created by Jobs that he emailed to himself, along with excerpts from speeches and letters, interviews and oral histories, as well as photos and mementos. While the memoir will be available online, it’s noted that a few physical copies are being produced for Apple and Disney employees, and won’t be sold to the general public.

For more on the “Make Something Wonderful: Steve Jobs in his own words” memoir that’ll be available online for free starting April 11, be sure to read through coverage from outlets like The Washington Post. For more on Apple, check out some of our previous coverage, including Apple recently launching its Pay Later service, and Apple CEO Tim Cook talking about why consumers may want a mixed reality HMD in an interview with GQ.

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